Post-pandemic, more IT professionals want to never return to jobs

Sat Oct 01 2022 13:24:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A recent study into the job satisfaction levels in the IT and BPO sectors has revealed the stunning fact that despite pay hikes and despite the five-day week, more and more software professionals want to quit their jobs and never want to return. This study says that at least 22 lakh IT professionals are likely to kick their jobs and pursue their passions.

According to a study titled Talent ExodusReport by TeamLese Digitals, an estimated 57 IT professionals want to not only quit but also do not want to return in future. It says that 20-22 lakh IT employees would leave their professions by 2025. The study says that pay hikes are not proving to be a good enough incentive for them.

The study says that there is a reverse trend of employment in the IT sector due to the global pandemic. It says the IT hiring chain has been severely affected and that retaining the talent that is critical to business has become a great challenge. The study has shown that there is a considerable change in the way the employees now look at their life and job.

Flexible working structure options such as work from home, moon-lighting and freelancing have changed the employees' attitude forever. They now feel that their priorities have changed and they are now ready to leave well-cushioned jobs midway.  Lack of career growth and lack of better compensation and benefits are being touted as the main reasons for this behavioural change.

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