Posters in Kuppam demand NTR to take over TDP

Wed Jun 09 2021 17:16:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is Chandrababu Naidu's biggest worry these days? It's not the YSRCP not even YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is young tiger NTR who is worrying Chandrababu Naidu most. What more? He is turning out to be a source of headache for Chandrababu Naidu in his home turf of Kuppam.

Yes. The other day, several flexi posters have sprung up in Kuppam asking Chandrababu Naidu to hand over the reins of the TDP to Junior NTR. The posters said only he can save the party and salvage its prestige. Earlier too, during his first visit after losing power, Chandrababu Naidu was greeted by slogans demanding the entry of NTR into politics. The party workers said NTR should be brought in to active politics to save the party.  There is alround demoralisation in the TDP after the 2019 defeat. The party suffered humiliation even in the local body polls. In Tirupati bypolls too, the TDP was roundly defeated.  

Given all these, the party cadre even in Kuppam feel that only NTR can save the party. It is a clear admission that Chandrababu's son Lokesh is unable to inspire confidence among the party cadre. NTR, who campaigned for the party in 2009 elections, has remained aloof from the party ever since. Party insiders say that NTR was deliberately marginalised as he could emerge as a potential rival to Lokesh Babu.