Power Of Strong Earthquake: Train At Railway Station Twitches!

Tue Sep 20 2022 12:41:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Earthquakes are common and they are caused by disturbances within the earth's crust. Usually, when an earthquake hits the surface, the ground shakes largely. We have seen this many times. A few nations like Japan and Afghanistan see earthquakes at regular intervals and this is the reason why most of the houses in Japan are built with Wood.

The earthquake has a super strength that even massive buildings and giant structures cannot withstand it. To show how powerful an earthquake can be, a viral video shows a railway station and a big train trembling. The video shows a train shaking largely as if it is about to fall.

People at the railway station were in shock by the earthquake and held objections next to them for a strong grip. It is said that the earthquake occurred in Taiwan. The state-run scientific agency of the United States, US Geological Survey (USGS) which studies natural hazards said, Taiwan was hit by an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9.

The viral video which is said to be from Taiwan shows a railway station shaken massively. The video shed light on the power of an earthquake. People are talking about the video and expressing wonder about how much power the earthquake carried that a railway station trembled.

The big earthquake in Taiwan is believed to be so strong that, a few big structures tumbled, while a few buildings were believed to have been damaged. If a railway station can get hit hard, we can understand the level of impact, buildings might have had due to a stronger earthquake which was measured at 6.9 on the Richter scale.

After the short earthquake and the impact on the railway station, Japan swung into action and issued a warning that an earthquake or tsunami might hit a few regions, the administration urged people to be cautious and not take the situation for granted as a safety measure.

Not just Japan, the dragon country China also warned people about a possible Tsunami in the coastal regions based on the strong movement of the seas. The authorities were ordered to focus on safety measures to take care of people living in the coastal areas.

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