Power supply snapped for villagers for denying Covid vaccines!

Fri Jun 04 2021 18:34:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

The efforts of the officials and authorities to create awareness among people to take the vaccine doses are going in vain, with a majority of people still having doubts in their minds over the vaccine doses.

To see that people show up at the vaccination centers, the sub-Divisional Magistrate had reportedly ordered the concerned officials to cut off the power supply for the households of people, who didn't take the vaccine doses.

This incident took place in the Saurikh area of Uttar Pradesh. The locals alleged that their power connections were snapped after they said no to get the vaccine doses.

However, the officials denied the allegations and said that the power cuts were not made for not taking the vaccine doses, but for not paying the electric dues.

But the locals said that they had paid the power bills and the officials disconnected the connections after they didn't show interest in reaching the vaccination centres and taking the jabs.