Make Crow A National Bird: Prakash Raj

Mon Apr 23 2018 14:13:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prakash Raj gave scope for the serious debate by demanding 'Crow' should be declared as our National Bird. Here is the logic with which he makes this statement...

If the Hindu population becomes a yardstick to declare India as an Hindu Nation, Then crow whose population is more than peacock must be declared as our National Bird. The Acclaimed Actor makes it clear majority of one particular religion can't be a parameter for declaring a nation.

Ahead of the Assembly Polls, Prakash Raj didn't mind saying he would feel unsafe in BJP-ruled Karnataka. 'BJP Workers attacked Me in Kalaburagi. They stopped My Car and pelted stoned at Me. I will feel unsafe if BJP comes to power in Karnataka...That fear keeps increasing after each passing day,' he says.

#JustAsking Tweets of Prakash Raj has invited the wrath of BJP Leaders and Workers. He is working against BJP in Karnataka since the past few months.