Prank video goes wrong, shopkeeper trashes YouTuber!

Thu Jul 29 2021 14:00:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Compared to the other forms of media, social media has a wider range. rnThe current trend in YouTube is making prank videos. The channels that rnmake prank videos have millions of subscribers.

However, one suchrn prank video did not go well with a person and he trashed the person whorn made the prank video. The incident took place in Hyderabad.

Goingrn into details, a youth runs a YouTube channel that is famous for such rnprank videos. Besides prank videos, the YouTuber shares videos that rncreate awareness on various issues.

While filming such a prank rnvideo at a mobile shop in Jagdish Market, the biggest mobile market, rnthings escalated quickly and the shop owner trashed the YouTuber.

The YouTuber wantedly made an argument with the shop owner. But the owner thought that the YouTuber came here for an argument.

Thern duo argued for a while and the shop owner trashed him red and blue. Thern situation reached a level where the cops had to intervene.

The cops reached the spot and stopped the duo from fighting. They were shifted to the Abids Police Station.

Thern netizens are giving their opinion that one should be careful when rnmaking such videos as the end output will not come as planned every rntime.