Prattipati Pullarao Wants To Leave TDP, Join BJP?

Sun Jun 06 2021 17:28:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

He was one of the closest persons who had the ears and eyes of Chandrababu when the latter was in power. He was Chandrababu's to-go man when the capital was being built in Amaravati, He convinced the farmers of Amaravati to part with their lands for the capital. But, now former minister and Guntur district TDP chief Prattipati Pullarao  is nowhere to be seen.

Pulla Rao was conspicuous by his absence at the recent party's Mahanadu. Even while other TDP leaders were busy speaking against Jagan government, Pulla Rao was silent. He did not even attend the Mahanadu. Of late, he has not been seen even in his constituency of Chilakaluripet. He was not active during the recent panchayat elections and was on available to the party workers in times of need.

He is not even in touch with Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP chief. He is said to have not responded to the phone calls from the party chief. His complete absence from Chilakaluripet is baffling the colleagues and party workers alike.

The latest buzz from Pulla Rao's close camp followers is that he is now planning to join the BJP. Pulla Rao has several cases pending against him and his son too is embroiled in several cases. Raids were also conducted on their properties in Hyderabad. Since then, Pulla Rao is not to be seen in Chilakaluripet. He is now said to be sending feelers to the BJP and wants to join the party. He feels that only BJP can save him from YS Jagan.