Congress Victory In 2 Out Of 3 BJP-Ruled States

Wed Oct 10 2018 15:26:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

As per the latest Opinion Poll, Congress Party is likely to emerge victorious in 2 out of three BJP-ruled States with the upcoming Assembly Polls.

Madhya Pradesh (230 Seats): C Voter-IETech Group Times Opinion Poll

BJP - 126 Seats

Congress - 97 Seats

Others - 7 Seats

Rajasthan (200 Seats): C Voter-Times Now Opinion Poll

Congress: 129 Seats

BJP: 63 Seats

Others: 8 Seats

Chhattisgarh (90 Seats): C Voter-IETech Group Times Now Opinion Poll

Congress: 47 Seats

BJP: 39 Seats

Others: 4 Seats

Looks like, Good times are ahead for the Congress as Modi Wave evaporated within four years. Anti-incumbency is so strong in the BJP-ruled States across the Nation.