President's Wife Kissing Vice President's Husband Goes Viral!

Wed Feb 08 2023 14:00:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In the tight Presidential elections, Joe Biden emerged victorious by defeating Donald Trump. The intense campaign from the Democratic Party helped him. The likes of Barack Obama aggressively campaigned for him and the negative image of Donald Trump also worked for Joe Biden in the elections.

But things went upside down for Joe Biden after the elections. The Gun Violence issue is posing a big threat and the China threat is also becoming problematic. On top of this, the economy is not doing well and many issues are causing trouble.

Hinting that the Democratic party might have a tough time in the next elections, the Republicans enjoyed good control of the US House in the recent midterm elections that were held in November. Amid this, the United States President gave a speech. Joe Biden addressed the State of the Union which marks his second address as the US President.

Joe Biden gave a big speech at the address and spoke about various issues concerning the nation be it the economy and the impact the Covid left and the Russia-Ukraine war. The United States President said that the economy is in a better position than other nations.

But what caught everyone's attention is that Joe Biden urged support and joint efforts from ruling and opposition parties to make the nation and economy great again. He said that he wants to make America better.

More than his speech, the alleged moment involving his wife and Kamala Hariss's husband. An alleged video says that Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden kissed Kamala Harris's husband Douglas Emhoff. Their moment raised many eyeballs.

As per the information, they both met in the first lady's box above the House Floor. After clasping arms when they met each other the duo greeted each other with an alleged peck kiss. The alleged video is now doing rounds on social media.

At the time when reports were saying that things are not going well in the party and Kamala Hariss might not get another chance to run the elections as the party leader, the alleged video popped up that kept everyone talking about it.