Price regulation goes by the Act: Perni Nani!

Mon Jan 10 2022 18:29:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Director Ram Gopal Varma and Andhra Pradesh Minister Perni Nani who differed with each other over the ticket prices issue met for a crucial meeting earlier today in Andhra Pradesh. All eyes were on the meeting with the hope that a positive outcome might come in the issue.

After the meeting, Cinematography Minister Perni Nani addressed the media. On the occasion, the Minister was asked by the media people what topics were discussed during the meeting.

The Minister clarified that the movie ticket prices were regularized as per the provisions of the Cinematograph Act and no decision was taken out of the law. The decision was taken by the Act. Other than this, nothing was done by the government, he said.

The Minister said that rule is the same for everyone and the decision was taken to benefit the poor. I have informed Ram Gopal Varma that the decision doesn't go against the law. We are open to any suggestions. Like how RGV came up with suggestions, anyone can give their suggestions.

"Compared to 2010, movie tickets are high now. The industry people can give their suggestions through the government or the committee that was set up to address the issue. We are not against anyone. Since the Jagan government came to power, no one was threatened. The stakeholders can give their suggestions," Perni Nani added.