Privatisation Row: After Steel Plant, its Vijayawada Airport!

Mon Sep 06 2021 13:05:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

As announced earlier, the Union Government is going ahead in privatizing the assets to Monetize money. The Centre is looking for such assets so that money can be acquired from the assets to invest in developing the infrastructure facilities in the country. The historic Vizag steel plant is going to be privatized under the same plan.

Now the Centre is said to be in plans of privatizing the Vijayawada airport that enjoys assets worth thousands of crores. Eyeing the assets possessed by the Airport in the temple city Vijayawada, the Indian Government wants to privatize it. However, the amount quoted by the Government is very less compared to the worth of assets owned by the airport.

The media reports quote a few sources and say that the assets owned by the Vijayawada Airport are close to nine thousand crores, which include investments worth Rs 3,000 and the remaining 6,000 crores are assets. Contrary to the assets owned by the airport, the Government wants to sell the airport at a relatively lesser price.

The Union Government is reportedly quoting a price of Rs 600 crore for the Vijayawada airport, which has been seeing a steady growth in the passengers and flight services over the years since 2014 after the state got divided.

The employees of the Vijayawada Aiport are in a big shock knowing about the alleged decision to sell the airport that is under the renovation stage and new facilities like new terminals are also said to be made available in the airport.

Opposing the decision, the employees are questioning why the airport should be sold when it is making good business and the flight services are also going at good numbers. They also have fears about their job as they are worried that they might be removed from their respective jobs.

The Vijayawada Airport Employees Union wants to call for a protest to save the airport from getting sold. The union members are appealing to the Andhra Pradesh government to support their protest so that the airport can be saved from privatization. Let us see where the Airport privatization issue goes.