Will Priyanka Contest From Amethi?

Sat May 18 2019 12:23:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did Priyanka Vadra not ready to take on Narendra Modi in Varanasi? Is this backing off meant to enable her to contest from Amethi? Congress insiders say this is part of their strategy to conserve her aura.

Priyanka Vadra would be fielded from Amethi Lok Sabha constituency as Rahul Gandhi may have to vacate one of the two seats - Amethi and Wayanad - he has contested from. Amethi is Rahul Gandhi family's burrough and he may vacate the seat and keep Wayanadu, which he has contested from for the first ever time. To ensure that Amethi is represented by the Nehru family, the Congress may field Priyanka Gandhi from there.

Priyanka too appears to be prepared to contest from Amethi. When asked she said her decision would depend on Rahul Gandhi's decision. If Rahul Gandhi keeps Wayanadu and leaves Amethi, Priyanka may contest from there. It is for this reason that the Congress has not fielded her from Varanasi. Also, it did not want her to begin her political journey with a failure.