Prophet Row: Nupur Sharma Goes untraceable reportedly?

Fri Jun 17 2022 18:01:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP’s former spokesperson Nupur Sharma who was removed from the party for her objectionable comments made India face the heat from the Islamic nations. One after the other, the Arab nations slammed India over the comments, and with global criticism, the BJP sacked Nupur Sharma as the official spokesperson.

A police case was filed in Maharashtra against Nupur Sharma in connection with the explosive remarks row. For the past few weeks, several protests have been going on in various parts of the nation. Nupur Sharma’s case got sidelined as everyone in the country is now talking about the violent protests at Secunderabad Railway Station.

As a case was filed in Mumbai against Nupur Sharma in this regard. However, the Mumbai Police are unable to arrest her as she is reportedly untraceable to the cops. Despite the cops searching for her in the national capital Delhi, they could not find her, media reports said.

It has been widely reported that the Mumbai Police is busy looking for her in Delhi for the past four days but in vain. Without revealing their names, a few cops reportedly told the same to a few media outlets.

Nupur Sharma has been in the news with her objectionable comments against Prophet Muhammad. In a TV debate on Gyanvapi mosque, Nupur Sharma spoke about Prophet’s marriage which did not go well with many including the Islamic nations.