Prostitution Racket Busted In US, Indians Among Arrested!

Sat Jan 21 2023 16:18:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Prostitution is legal in a few nations and illegal in many. In nations where prostitution is illegal, the concerned authorities keep a tab on suspicious activities to deal with the wrongdoings with an iron fist. One such sting operation helped the authorities bust a prostitution gang and arrested around two dozen people in this regard.

The busting of the prostitution gang kept many talking as it was busted in the land of opportunities, the United States. Moreover, the authorities busted the racket in Texas state which is the second-largest state in population.

The Texas Police received a complaint about a rental house in an area as they are witnessing some suspicious activities and movement of people in the neighborhood. Acting on the complaint the Police officers did a sting operation and found that a racket is being run in the rental house.

Satisfied that the prostitution racket is being operated at the rented house, the cops raided the house and arrested around 23 people. The local media said that the arrested accused are men and are from various age groups. Further investigation is underway and the investigating officers said that they will reveal further details soon.

While busting the prostitution racket is shocking, Indians getting arrested came as an even bigger surprise. Reports say that two Indians are arrested in connection with the prostitution racket. The Police department is probing the matter to see what role the arrested people have to play in the racket.

The initial investigation reportedly found that the organisers of the prostitution racket operate with the help of websites. To miss the radar of authorities they reportedly traffic women through the websites. It has been widely reported that the organisers used two websites. The cops are also trying to get details of other things like where the organisers are trafficking the victim.

The investigating officers suspect that a few others might also be involved in this as they reportedly seized firearms from the arrested accused in the rented house. Prostitution racket has nothing to do with guns and other weapons. The investigation is going on from this angle reportedly.