Wife Purandeswari vs Mother Purandeswari

Mon Oct 28 2019 12:00:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Daggubati family is in a classic Catch 22 situation. The family has three politicians - senior Daggubati, his wife Purandeswari and son Hitesh Chenchuram.  While the family wants to promote son Hitesh, opportunities are coming not to him, but to Purandeswari. Another problem is if Purandeswari gets a job, she will in effect end the careers of husband dear and son, who has future ahead for him.

If highly placed sources are to be believed, Prime Minister Modi is keen to make her a Central minister given her record as a minister in UPA 2. She is a great communicator, who speaks impeccable English and Telugu. She is a tough task master, who gets things done. She had made a name for herself as a Union Minister. But, the condition is that her husband and son should come out of the YSRCP. She has no problems about Daggubati Venkateshwar Rao as he is already a retired politician. The problem is with Hitesh, who cannot win on a BJP ticket to the state assembly given the BJP's organisational position here. There is no guarantee that the BJP will give him importance in the national politics, given the party's aversion to dynasty politics.

So, whether to become a minister in Modi's cabinet or join the YSRCP for a position that can come only five years later is the biggest question before the Daggubatis. Let's see what they would do?