RGV Comments on Bala Krishna

Thu Jan 23 2020 12:28:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma who is famous for controversies, again became a hot topic on social media, he made sensational comments on Bala Krishna and now it became viral on social media.  

All the MLA's were watching the live proceedings of Legislative council, at that time YCP MLA Roja took selfies with Bala Krishna and posted in social media.

RGV commented on the Roja post saying that “Wowww Roja Garu looks like a HERO and some guy who I don't know on her right looks like yuckk… He's spoiling her beauty by spoiling the frame with the face....Or maybe he is her Dishti Bomma".

Again Ram Gopal Varma became a hot topic on social media after this comment. Bala Krishna fans were furious on the Ram Gopal comments. Now, this became a hot topic in Political and cinema circles.