RGV blasts Kodali Nani over tickets issue!

Wed Jan 05 2022 16:55:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a surprise element in the movie tickets issue, sensational director Ram Gopal Varma entered the scene and turned the critic of the Andhra Pradesh government over the issue. He is going all guns open against the state government and became the talk of the town with his approach to the issue.

RGV had blasted the Andhra Pradesh Government and concerned Minister Perni Nani, the Cinematography Minister of the state. Taking to social media platforms, Ram Gopal Varma asked a series of questions to Perni Nani. The director asked the government to answer his questions.

Reacting to the attack against the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led Andhra Pradesh government, firebrand politician Kodali Nani, known for his foulmouth lashed out at the director. He said, there is no need to give importance to such people.

Ram Gopal Varma brought his wittiness out and took a dig at Kodali Nani and said that someone called Kodali Nani had reacted to the issue when he asked the government to answer his questions.

Like how Anil Kumar Yadav said, except Kodali Nani he knew no other Nani in the state targeting Natural star Nani, Ram Gopal Varma reacted in a similar way and said he doesn't know who Kodali Nani is.

In a tweet made in Telugu, Ram Gopal Varma said that when he raised a few questions against the Andhra Pradesh government, a person called Kodali Nani gave a counter to the questions. Few people wanted me to give a counter to Nani. But I know only one Nani, who is Natural Star Nani. I have no idea about Kodali Nani, RGV said.

"I posted a few questions to the Andhra Pradesh government and to this, some Kodali Nani gave a counter. Some people wanted me to give a counter to Nani. But I know only Natural Star Nani. I don't know Kodali Nani, they are talking about," Ram Gopal Varma's Telugu tweet loosely translates to English.

Earlier, RGV also asked will Andhra Pradesh step down from power if voters express their dissatisfaction over their ruling. It is one of the questions RGV raised on the tickets issue.