RRR Reaches Out To Modi To Complain Against Fellow Ysrcp Mp

Tue Dec 07 2021 11:01:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Things are not going well between the YSRCP party and rebel Parliamentarian Raghu Ramakrisham Raju aka RRR. On multiple occasions, the MP made sensational comments against the party and vice versa. The ruling party even moved the Lok Sabha speaker against the MP. After a brief gap, RRR and YSRCP locked horns for one more time.

In an objectionable incident that could project Andhra Pradesh in a bad light, RRR and YSRCP MPs targeted each other in the Parliament. The CBI cases became the topic between both parties in the house. When other YSRCP MPs targeted RRR saying that two CBI cases are pending against him, the MP hit back at the fellow MPS.

MPs of the same party locking horns against each other in the Parliament had stunned the other members and attracted the attention of everyone. Probably, this is the first time the members are witnessing such a rare incident.

RRR showed no mood of taking a backstep in the issue as he called for a press meet after the Parliament sessions and breathed fire on the fellow YSRCP parliamentarians. The Narasapuram MP said that he was shocked to see the behavior of the MPs over the filthy language they used against him in the house.

The MP opined that the YSRCP MPs behaved in such a way that had degraded the stature and respect of the House and other MPs asked him what is the meaning of 'lan** kodaka'. How can the public representatives use such a kind of language, he asked.

Taking forward his fight against the MPs, Raghu Ramakrisham Raju is said to have reached out to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to complain against the MPs on the grounds of the abusive language used at him. Accusing the members of stooping so low, he reportedly requested the Prime Minister to slap the MPs with an action. It has been widely reported that RRR also mentioned the alleged death threat made by the fellow party MP against him.

It all started with RRR speaking about the Padayatra held by farmers in Amaravati. He said, farmers who wholeheartedly gave thousands of acres of land for the capital city are facing issues and alleged that police are troubling the farmers.