So, Rs Praveen Kumar Is Not TRS Candidate From Huzurabad!!

Sat Jul 24 2021 09:21:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Setting at rest the rumours that he would be the TRS candidate for the Huzurabad bypolls, controversial IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar has made sensational remarks against Telangana chief minister KCR. Speaking at a meeting organized by his fans on the occasion of his retirement at Pothireddypalle in Sangareddy mandal, he said that KCR has duped the Dalits in the name of making a Dalit the chief minister of Telangana.

He said that KCR has deceived the Dalits of the state by promising that he would make a Dalit the first CM of the newly formed Telangana state. He said that such a situation should not be allowed to return again. He said that Telangana has 29 Dalit MLAs but all of them were reduced to mere dolls that dance to KCR's tunes.  Surprisingly, Praveen Kumar was highly critical of KCR's brand of politics. He said that the Government has allocated Rs 1000 crore for Huzurabad only because of the bye-elections.

"Instead of spending money to buy votes, the amount should be allocated for the Gurukul educational institutions in the state. I have resigned from my job to work for the people and I will not sell myself to anyone. I shall work for the uplift of the downtrodden and weaker sections. My aim is to end the practice of selling votes for beer and biryani," RS Praveen Kumar said.

During his speech he fully backed the idea of a Bahujan state.  He said the Dalits would never get a chance to become CM if they lose the opportunity now. He said the Dalits should start questioning the powers that be. He says what the Dalits need is true development and power.

By the tone and tenor of his speech, it is very clear that he has no intentions of joining the TRS. This only means that he has resigned from politics only to escape possible action against him for making anti-Hindu statements and taking anti-Hindu pledge at Peddapalli. He has done this only to escape possible departmental action.