Is RSS Unhappy With Modi Government Or ...?

Sun Feb 16 2020 18:03:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, in short, RSS has been the guiding force of Janatha movement that gave rise to Jana Sang, which became Janatha Party and later, settled as Bharatiya Janatha Party, with refined secular views and democratic ideologies.

Hence, Congress leaders keep saying the Saffron party is always trying to embody and implement a more radical view of RSS encouraging partisanship and polarisation of India with religion as the main tool for separatism.

Many experts also say that if RSS is unhappy with something, BJP will try to amend their leadership to please them.

Well, RSS leader, Mohan Bhagath has said that he finds many people in India are unhappy and they are ready to rise a civil unrest movement at anytime.

He said that Mill Owners, Common people, Civil Servants, Job holders, Teachers, Students, Industrialists, everyone are unhappy and are looking to go on roads in protest at any moment.

Did he say that about Narendra Modi's Government or did he talk about current Gujarat Government? We don't know. But he made these comments at a public meeting in Gujarat. So, will BJP try to amend their ways? We have to wait and see.