Rahul Gandhi Changes Mobile Number?

Wed May 06 2020 10:25:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Congress leaders are speaking in hushed tones about the change of Rahul Gandhi's phone number. Of late, he has changed his phone number and only a handful of party functionaries and friends have this number. So, the party leaders are unable to contact him on any issue.

Those calling up the old mobile number are ending up disappointed. Not just that, he has of late, stopped responding to the SMSs sent by party leaders. Though on one hand he is trying to become active by interacting with intellectuals like former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, he has stopped talking to even senior party leaders over phone on the other. What more, if the sources are to be believed, his office is also not willing to share his phone number. As a result, there is a buzz that Rahul Gandhi is using the lockdown period to understand the economy and politics of the country. He is said to be learning quite a few things about image makeover and communications.

This development is being viewed with lot of interest as there are reports that he might soon take over the reins of the party from his ailing mother, who has moved in as a stop-gap arrangement. So, if sources are to be believed, we are going to see Rahul Gandhi 2.0 soon.