Rahul Gandhi's Old Decision Came Back To Bite Him In 2023!

Sat Mar 25 2023 11:49:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Timing and decisions hold a big relevance in politics. Power is not permanent and decisions taken by the parties when they are in power might come back to haunt the parties. Now it's the turn of the grand old Congress party to taste this. A decision it took a decade back is giving sleepless nights to it.

It is known that a court convicted former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in connection with defamatory comments and awarded him two years of jail term. However, he was given a chance to go for an appeal. Following this, the Parliament house announced Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi as disqualified.

The disqualification row became a big controversy in the country with the opposition parties dubbing the development as a bid to silence the voice of the opposition. All the opposition parties in the country came under one roof to support Rahul Gandhi. A few Chief Ministers are saying that BJP took the decision to stop Rahul Gandhi from raising his voice against the Adani issue in the house.

Amid this, people are remembering what Rahul Gandhi did in the past and how the decision came back to haunt him. Back in 2013, the Supreme Court in the Lily Thomas vs Union Bank of India case said that lawmakers convicted with a jail sentence will be treated disqualified.

Cut to a few months later, the grand old Congress party which was in power then brought a proposal to counter the disqualification. While a faction of the party supported the move, another faction led by Rahul Gandhi opposed the move. Rahul Gandhi took a few steps and even tore copies of the ordinance.

Rahul Gandhi opposing the ordinance became a big political debate back then. As the Congress party was in power no one dared to say the same to the leadership or the government.

The next year, the Congress party won the elections in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Many say that Rahul Gandhi would have not been disqualified if he had not said no to the ordinance the party brought. The Congress party said that it will wage a legal battle on the issue.