Raising doubts on Kathi Mahesh

Wed Jul 14 2021 14:28:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The demand to call for an inquiry into Tollywood actor-director, controversial critic Kathi Mahesh is getting momentum with one after the other requesting a probe into this.

Kathi Mahesh's father Obulesu raised doubts over the death of his son and demanded a comprehensive probe in this regard. He wondered why the hospital authorities announced Kathi Mahesh's death to the media without informing them.

He said a probe should be initiated into this matter. Citing his health condition, Obulesu said, he is not in a condition to fight for justice for his deceased son.

Obulesu requested the Andhra Pradesh government to order a detailed probe in this manner to see if there was any conspiracy behind his son's death.

Kathi Mahesh's father's request came a day after Dalit leader and Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti(MRPS) founder Manda Krishna Madiga demanded a detailed probe into the death of Kathi Mahesh.

Manda Krishna Madiga questioned, why there were no injuries for Kathi Mahesh's driver, while Kathi Mahesh had severe injuries. Alleging a conspiracy, the Dalit leader batted for a probe.

Earlier, the Andhra Pradesh government has allocated Rs 17 lakhs from the Chief Minister Relief Fund for Kathi Mahesh's treatment.