Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa Faces Another Blow, Court say no to Travel!

Thu May 12 2022 18:03:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a big twist in the much-talked-about Sri Lanka crisis, prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had stepped down creating space for the President to take a call on appointing others who can fit into the big shoes. The development gave birth to widespread celebrations and violence in the island nation as Rajapaksa's family home was set on fire by the angry protestors.

After he announced that he is no more the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, an investigation was launched into the violence that had ricked Colombo. It was alleged that Rajapaksa's supporters attacked the protestors leaving many sustaining injuries.

Now Mahinda Rajapaksa suffered another big blow as he was barred from traveling outside the country by a court. Hearing a petition, the court said that Rajapaksa and a few others cannot leave the country until further notice as the investigation is going on.

With the investigation going on, some reports say, Rajapaksa and the other accused are in plans to leave the nation to avoid the investigation, the Attorney General sought directives from the court to stop the accused from leaving the country.

Satisfied with the arguments, a Magistrate Court in Sri Lanka issued directives to Rajapaksa and a few others, that include his son and a few Parliamentarians to not leave the nation. While reports say that Rajapaksa might challenge this, he might not get relief given the manager everyone has on the ex-PM.