Rajasekhar Responds On Pawan's Defeat

Sat May 25 2019 17:21:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajasekhar and Jeevitha interacted with media over 2019 Election Results. On this occasion, The Angry Young Man mentioned that he was repeatedly questioned by netizens about going after JSP even though Naga Babu had voluntarily supported his panel during the recent MAA Elections. He explained, 'We had neither campaigned in Narsapuram nor Bhimavaram. We campaigned in Gajuwaka but that's not in our hands.

We had covered the constituencies suggested by the YCP Leadership. Had if I had enmity or hatred against Mega Brothers, I would have spoke about them in the past 5 years but I remained silent even when media persons kept asking Me to comment on Jana Sena. Even we didn't plan to join YCP before elections, it happened according to karma. I felt happy when Naga Babu supported us. It took so long to clear the misunderstandings between Chiranjeevi garu and Me. I hadn't made an issue out of Pawan imitating Me in 'Gabbar Singh'. We just worked for the victory of YSR Congress Party..that's it!'.

When quizzed about the defeat of Jana Sena Chief, The Senior Actor told he felt pity watching the way Pawan Kalyan reacted after the result. He claimed to have felt that Pawan should have won at least in Bhimavaram. Jeevitha, on the other hand, maintained that victory & defeat is common in politics.

Asked about his role in YCP, Rajasekhar told he just joined the party to clear the misunderstandings with YS Jagan. 'Actually, I thought of remaining as sympathiser of the party and allow Jeevitha to join YCP but there wasn't enough time to discuss these things when we met Jagan,' he said.