Rajiv Case Convicts Recall Priyanka Gandhi Crying In Jail!

Sun Nov 13 2022 19:44:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The whole nation is talking about the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case as the convicts in the case were released by the Supreme Court. Hearing a petition the Apex Court let the convicts walk out of the prison. The Tamil Nadu government and the Gandhi family not objecting to the petition made the convicts get relief.

The Rajiv Gandhi assassination case is one of the dark episodes in the history of the nation and a Prime Minister getting attacked by his own countrymen was not something the nation witnessed earlier. Moreover, the attackers used suicide bomber which was a new concept back then.

The Convicts are celebrating the verdict as they were let go free from the sensational case. Nalini who is dubbed as one of the few women prisoners who spent more time in prison revealed some sensational things and recalled Priyanka Gandhi visiting her.

As per the media reports Nalini spoke to the media on the case and recalled how Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. She is believed to have said that Priyanka Gandhi burst into tears and asked why they killed her father.“Priyanka Gandhi Vadra met me in jail and she asked me about her father's killing. She got emotional for her father. She cried too,” Nalini is quoted as saying.

Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were in their teenage years when their father Rajiv Gandhi was killed. Losing their father at an early age is one of the most painful moments one can ever have and no wonder Priyanka burst into tears and cried.

Despite all this, the Gandhi family did not say any objection to the release of the convicts. Nalini said that she is thankful for one and all who helped her get relief and she will meet everyone including the Gandhi family.