Ram Gopal Varma gets AP government's appointment

Fri Jan 07 2022 21:08:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The cinema ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh is the most talked about topic now. Incidentally, Ram Gopal Varma has gotten himself involved with the whole development. He even requested a meeting with the government of Andhra Pradesh in order to discuss the ticket prices issue. Now, Varma took is to Twitter to confirm that he has indeed secured the appointment of Andhra Pradesh government representative, Perni Nani.

"Happy to inform that I have been invited by the honourable cinematography minister to the Amaravati Secretariat on January 10 th afternoon ….Thank u @perni_nani  Garu for your kind initiative to exchange views on the AP ticket pricing for an amicable solution," Varma tweeted a short while ago. He is set to meet with Perni Nani on the 10th of this month and discuss the whole fiasco.

Varma had already launched a verbal attack on the YCP government and calling out those involved for wrongfully suppressing the film industry. It remains to be seen if he can actually find a solution to the issue following his meeting with the state government.

Previously, Varma had tweeted "Dear honourable minister of cinematography @perni_nani  Sir, I humbly request you or your representatives to answer the following questions sir  ..What precisely is the role of government in deciding a market price of any product including films sir ? I understand government might intervene and fix a price below or above the equilibrium when there’s a dire shortage of an essential commodity like wheat, rice , kerosene oil etc , But how does that apply to films sir ?" Varma tweeted.

"Sir, like RATION  SHOPS were created to give rice , sugar etc to benefit the poor , would u consider creating RATION THEATRES sir? The solution can be in theory of a dual price system where producers can sell tickets at their price and government can buy some tickets and sell it to poor at lower prices so that we get our money and you get your votes. It is  not my request, but it is my demand to all my colleagues in the film industry to speak up on their true feelings about the ticket rates issue because ippudu nollu moosukunte inkeppatikee theravaleru ..Tharvatha Mee kharma" he concluded.