Ram Gopal Varma starts Twitter war on AP govt, again

Tue Jan 11 2022 11:22:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The other week, Ram Gopal Varma raised a series of interesting questions on the government of Andhra Pradesh's curbs on cinema ticket pricing model in the state. He came up with an on-point questionnaire and ridiculed the state government over its unprecedented restrictions on the ticketing system. Soon after this, Varma secured the appointment of Perni Nani, the cinematography minister of Andhra Pradesh. But incidentally, he did not make any demands of any sort in front of Nani.

Following the meeting, Varma said "I did not represent Tollywood in the meeting. I did not demand the government to provide anything. I only explained to them the losses the film industry will sustain if the existing restriction on ticket prices continues. I am satisfied with the meeting I had with Nani." He said.

But cut to now, Varma has changed his track again and he has started to call out the government of Andhra Pradesh over the ticket prices issue again. "Maharashtra state allowing @ssrajamouli 's RRR ticket price to sell at Rs 2200/- and his home state AP not even allowing to sell at Rs 200/-  raises an existential question 'WHO KILLED KATTAPPA?" For those asking ,Inox insignia multiplex chain in the northern states sells tickets at Rs 2200" Varma tweeted.

Varma said he did not make any demands in front of the government of Andhra Pradesh. Now, he is launching another Twitter war on the government over the ticket prices issue. His varying stands are confusing everyone now.

Previously, Varma had tweeted ""Dear honourable minister of cinematography @perni nani  Sir, I humbly request you or your representatives to answer the following questions sir  .What precisely is the role of government in deciding a market price of any product including films sir ? Dear honourable minister of cinematography @perni_nani sir, I understand government might intervene and fix a price below or above the equilibrium when there's a dire shortage of an essential commodity like wheat, rice , kerosene oil etc , But how does that apply to films sir ?".

It remains to be seen if the government of Andhra Pradesh will react to Varma again this time around.