Rare Condition Of Liquor Allergy Detected In A Businessman !

Wed May 17 2023 19:24:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

No words can describe the craze alcohol has among liquor lovers. We have seen how liquor lovers flocked to the liquor stores when they were reopened after the Covid forced lockdown was lifted. The sales were so high that they set up new records and raised many eyeballs. A few states get good income from liquor sales.

Talking about Telangana state, in particular, liquor sales see big records during festival season. Earlier it was said that liquor worth over Rs 100 crores was sold for the Dasara festival. Even for New Year's Eve, Telangana recorded big sales which is double than that of AP.

Now a new thing has come out which says that liquor lovers should be careful as a case of liquor allergy was found. This was found in Telangana and it is said that this is the first case that was reported in the state. Experts are saying that liquor lovers should be careful about their intake.

Going into details, a 36-year-old person who came to Hyderabad from Agra was detected with Liquor allergy disease. When he developed some issues he went to the hospital and the doctors said that he is suffering from a liquor allergy. The condition is detected when someone eats items like roasted peas and chicken.

This is not the first time, the person developed the condition. Earlier he developed the condition and was admitted to a hospital in Agra. But he developed the condition yet again after attending a party. When someone advised him to go to Hyderabad for better treatment, he came here.

After conducting tests, doctors said that he is suffering from a liquor allergy which is a rare one. The condition arrives when people take food like fried items and certain kinds of liquor. The doctors' advised him to be careful as the condition would be fatal in rare conditions.