Rayalaseema forum opposes Amaravati farmers' public meeting in Tirupati

Tue Dec 07 2021 17:51:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The first real challenge to the Amaravati farmers yatra has come from the Rayalaseema intellectuals forum. The forum, an organization meant for protecting the interests of the Rayalaseema region, has said that while they have no problem with the yatra, they would not allow a public meeting in Tirupati.  The forum said it would not allow a public meeting that says Rayalaseema should be deprived of development.

Forum convener Purushottam Reddy said that they would not remain silent if the Amaravati yatris held a public meeting against the interests of the Rayalaseema region. He said the Forum would oppose any attempt that says there should be no judicial capital in Rayalaseema region. He said that Rayalaseema region was lacking in development and demanded that the judicial capital be set up in Kurnool only.

He also questioned the Left parties for joining the yatra. "They were always for equitable development of Rayalaseema and wanted the judicial capital in Kurnool. Why are they opposing it now," he asked.  He said the forum did not obstruct the yatra only because it is the democratic right to demand. But if your demand contravenes my demand, then we shall not remain silent, he said.

He said the forum would go to the students and intensify an agitation against those denying the rightful share to the region.  From the forum’s comments it is quite clear that there would be a backlash from the Rayalaseema region to the Amaravati yatra.