Rayalaseema hit with floods, CM enjoying weddings:Chandrababu!

Tue Nov 23 2021 17:11:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

The opposition parties in the state are reacting to the three capitals bill repeal decision by the Andhra Pradesh government and slamming the ruling party for creating confusion in people's minds. After BJP, it's the turn of the Telugu Desam Party to slam the government on the issue.

Giving his opinion on the capitals bill repeal, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu reportedly said that the bill was just repealed and not withdrawn completely. Finding fault with the repeal decision, Chandrababu Naidu called the entire episode nothing but an attempt to divert attention from the criticism the government is facing.

Questioning the intent of the government to develop the state, Chandrababu Naidu asked what did the government do in the past two and a half years to develop the state. The former CM said, even a single penny was not spent on the regions where the government likes to develop.

Talking about the floods in the state, the TDP chief slammed the government for not helping the Rayalaseema region in the tough time despite getting the major share of seats from the region. In the general elections, Rayalaseema gave a good number of seats for the party. But when the same region was hit by the floods, the Chief Minister is enjoying weddings, Chandrababu Naidu alleged.

Launching an attack on the government, Chandrababu Naidu said that, during his term as the Chief Minister, he brought a lot of companies to the state while the current government is chasing all those companies. Rather than focusing on the development, the YSRCP leaders are making personal attacks, he maintained.