Scene Reversed: Telangana Farmers Smiles, AP Farmer Wails

Thu Jul 04 2019 11:21:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Time was when Telangana lands were parched and drought stalked the farmers. The agriculture was a dicey game and those dependent on it were despondent and dispirited. The farmers of Andhra Pradesh had water for their farms and things were very rosy.

But, things are a changing. In fact, it is a 180 degree turn. Things are in the pink of health in Telangana and it's reverse in the Andhra region. For instance, land in Husnabad in the former Karimnagar which commanded Rs 3 lakh per acre is now selling at Rs 12 crore. The reason? This area is getting irrigation water from Kaleswaram project via Thotapally reservoir.  Today, a farmer gets Rs 10000 per year per acre under Rythu Bandhu scheme. Even if a half of his land is arable, he can make profits. There is assured water supply thanks to Kaleswaram, its link canals, the slew of reservoirs and tanks. These tanks and reservoirs are all canal-linked. With assured input subsidy and assured irrigation facility, no farmer wants to sell his lands. To add to this, the Central Government schemes are also helping the farmers in a big way.

As a result, the farmers are happy, they want to invest and as a result, the real estate is boming. There is real estate booming in all parts of the state. In Andhra, it's the reverse as Jagan has ordered a probe into Amaravati lands. He has also begun probing into the slew of scams under the TDP.  The policies and priorities of the state government are yet to be decided. Industries are not yet coming. Moreover, rain-fed farms in Andhra are drought hit and do not have been badly hit.

How the YSRCP government manages things, initiates policy measures and how he retrieves things remains to be seen.