Why Are All Kapus Ditching This Party?

Fri Oct 04 2019 11:25:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

One thing certain in Andhra Pradesh these days is that the Kapus are clearly moving away from the TDP. The Kapus backed the TDP in 2014 and in just five years, their confidence in the party has completely eroded. One by one, they are sure leaving the TDP. Thus, the biggest community in Andhra Pradesh is ditching the TDP with most leaders opting either for the YSRCP or the TDP.

It started with Kapu biggies like Avanthi Srinivas, Amanchi Krishna Mohan and Thota Narasimham joining the YSRCP before the elections. Soon after the TDP's worst ever drubbing the Kapu leaders of the TDP met at Kakinada and decided to chart out their future course of action. Leaders like Thota Trimurthulu and Varupula Subba Rao have joined the TDP soon after. Other leaders like Bonda Uma are silent and are inactive in the TDP.

In another indication of Kapu community's complete disenchantment with the TDP, former health minister Sanakkayala Aruna has joined the BJP along with a large number of her supporters on Thursday. Thota Nagesh, another prominent Kapu leader, too joined the BJP. Indications are that Ganta Srinivasa Rao too is set to leave the TDP and join the YSRCP.