What's the Reason Behind Software Radha's Death?

Wed May 24 2023 13:10:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The doubts are cleared on the murder of Software employee Radha who was found dead in Ongole in AP's combined Prakasam district. Two doubts are doing rounds on the case. 1) Her friend Kashi Reddy who took a loan from Radha's family killed her on the pretext of clearing the debts. 2) Her husband killed her over an extramarital affair between Radha and her friend.

The two versions were spread massively.  The Prakasam police dug deeper into the case and found that she was murdered. However, they ruled out the angles of extra marital affairs and her friend killing her. Just doubts turned costly here and Radha lost her life.

Police said that Radha was killed by Mohan Reddy(he is also a software employee) and the doubts he developed is the reason. It is common for doubts to pop up when loans are given to friends. The same happened here. Mohan Reddy lost control due to doubts.

Kashi Reddy, who is a childhood friend of Radha was given  
around One crore 27 lakhs as a loan by the couple.  However, he is not returning the money. This led to a fight between the couple. Radha's husband Mohan Reddy developed some doubts.

The doubt of “Why she gave such a big amount to Kashi Reddy” gave birth to several other doubts. With this, he chatted with Radha as Kashi Reddy with the help of a fake sim.

Radha who could not understand the plan of her husband chatted with him thinking that it is Kashi Reddy. Police did not friend any objectionable words or doubts about the extramarital affair. But Mohan Reddy became suspicious that something is cooking between them. Without clarifying anything he behaved rudely.

Killed and Hit With A Car

Police revealed how Mohan Reddy killed his wife. He took a fake number and messaged Radha as Kashi Reddy on WhatsApp. He made her believe that it is Kashi Reddy. He rented a car and came to Ongole from Hyderabad. He used a fake number plate. He messaged Radha that he will give her money if she comes to Kanigiri. He took her to the outskirts in a car.

He strangled her with the chunni. He took her to Veligandla from Kanigiri. He placed her body on the raid and hit her with a car to paint it as a road accident. Mohan Reddy confessed to his crime that he killed her as he is not happy with her. He is involved in this alone, cops said.

Husband Chatted For 4 Days and Killed In One Hour:

Husband chatted with his wife Radha for three days before the murder. He messaged Radha as Kashi Reddy asking her to come to Kanigiri alone on the 13th. As there is no response, he sent the same message on the 15th. He took the phone of a juice seller woman while going to Patancheruvu from Sangareddy. On the 16th, he took a long drive car on Hyderabad's Madhapur. He messaged her as Kashi Reddy asking her to come to Kanigiri. He stayed in Ongole for the night.

Mohan Reddy came to Kanigiri from Ongole at around 4 PM on the 17th.  In between he chatted with Radha as Kashi Reddy. Radha reached Kanigiri by 6 PM. At around 6:45, Mohan Reddy visited the place where she is standing in a car. Radha was shocked to see her husband in the place of Kashi Reddy. He took her in a car. They went to the Degree College near NH 565 road Machavaram. They argued on topics like loan and chatting.
Mohan Reddy who is angry with Radha attacked her between 9 PM and 10 PM. He attacked her and strangled her with a chunni. He threw her body near Jillellapadu. To project the case as an accident, he crushed her body with a car.