Why PK Made Re-Entry Into Politics?

Sat Jul 07 2018 11:54:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

During his Visakha tour, Pawan Kalyan claimed to have made a re-entry into politics for the second time because of the conspiracy against Chiru's Family. 'There were conspiracies against My Brother's Family. If such a big people weren't spared, what about the common man? I haven't stepped into politics for myself, but for the people. Conveyed the same intention to TDP Leaders when they met me during 2014 Elections. They asked Me what I want...Then, I asked them to do good to the people,' he said.

Jana Sena Chief told he entered into politics thinking a lot. 'I took the risk. At worse, I will lose my life. Have no goals what-so-ever. Stepped into politics leaving spirituality and yoga. What is the need for mukht if people are facing so many hardships? Don't want any posts either,' commented the Actor-turned-Politician.

For sometime, PK speaks as if he don't need any position to serve the people. Days later, He surprises everyone by asking people to make him CM to change their lives. How should public understand it?