Rebel IAS officer Akunuri Murali to join AAP?

Sat Oct 01 2022 13:41:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Is rebellious IAS officer Akunuri Murali planning to enter into politics in Telangana? Indications are that he is indeed mulling a political career. The Dalit officer, who is known for his integrity and hard work, is said to be exploring two options - BSP and AAP for his political foray. He is said to be discussing the possibilities with his close circle of friends.

Sources say that Murali, who has taken up special assignment under Nadu Nedu programme in Andhra Pradesh after his resignation from Telangana, has recently put in his papers. He expressed satisfaction at the work that he had done in Andhra Pradesh, but told the AP Government that he felt he was more needed in Telangana. This sparked off rumours whether he would join politics in the coming days.

Sources say that though BSP is a possible option, he might not opt for it as another IPS RS Praveen Kumar is already working in the party. He feels that AAP is a better option as it is generally seen as fighting against corruption. Sources say that he might take a decision soon and might announce his joining of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Murali is already running an organisation called Social Democratic Forum. He has raised the issues of lack of facilities in the fields of education and health. He said the situation in Telangana state was far too worse. He is also saying that he has not yet decided on political angry. However, internal sources reveal that he is already in touch with the AAP.

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