Recent Incidents Increase Interest In Jagan's Kodi Kathi Case!

Mon Jan 16 2023 16:33:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Kodikathi plays a significant role in Kodi Pandalu held for the Sankranti festival. The Kodikathi is a short knife that is attached to a cock's leg during the Kodi pandalu. But the same Kathi created a political row in divided Andhra Pradesh and played its part in the 2019 polls.

Just before the 2019 polls, YS Jagan was attacked by a person named J. Srinivas aka Seenu inside the airport. The attack also played a big role in the elections. It's been more than four years since the attack. The investigation is going on and a central agency is probing the matter.

The National Investigation Agency court in temple town asked why there is a delay in the case investigation and also asked why the statement on victim YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was not recorded yet. The regular hearing of the case will start on the 31st of this month.

Now the recent Sankranti celebrations in Andhra Pradesh created big interest in the NIA court. The Godavari districts saw Kodipandalu held in a big way for the Sankranti festival. In two different incidents, two victims passed away after the Kodi Kathi hit them.

When the Kodi Kathi issue happened many raised doubts that the incident might be a drama as a person stabbed with a small knife has no threat of losing their life. Moreover, YS Jagan was attacked on his hand.

But the recent incidents say that Kodi Kathi has the power to take a life. Amid this everyone wants to know what the court will decide on this. But the question is where the knife gets hit. If the Court considers that Jagan was attacked on his hand and that Kodi Kathi hit the recent victims in other parts of the body then the accused might get bail.

During the arguments, if the issue of the body part where the attack happened gets highlighted then Seenu might walk off the court. But the truth that two people passed away after getting hit by Kodi Kathi cannot be ruled out and this might be a deciding factor in the hearing of the Kodi Kathi case.