Record Number Of Cases In Us After Schools Reopen!

Thu Sep 09 2021 16:33:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Schools across the United States that have been forced to close since 2020 in the light of the Covid scare were reopened in the country. Face masks and tests were made mandatory at the campuses. Following this, the cases went up again, local media in the United States said.

The cases have increased in the United States to a point that the weekly cases of Coronavirus went past the 2.5 lakh mark and the number is the highest for the country ever since the contagious Coronavirus has hit the world in 2020.

The professional association of pediatricians, headquartered in Itasca, the American Academy of Pediatrics in its recent report said that the weekly cases saw a big spike, while the cases among the children also went up in big numbers. During the last week, more than 2,000 children in the country were admitted to hospitals given their health conditions.

A leading American story carried out a special story on the growth in the weekly cases. Drawing a comparison in the pattern of daily cases during the summer season and the previous week since the reopening of the schools, the leading said, the cases among the children increased again and cited the rapid spread of the Delta variant of the novel Coronavirus in the country.

The daily also said that another reason for the increase in the cases among the children is that no vaccine doses are available that could be administered for the children.

The reports also said that since the reopening of the schools across the country, children and staff members in a majority of schools were sent to the quarantine facilities as per the Coronavirus protocols.

Following the fresh infections and quarantine cases, a few schools have reportedly opted for the online classes, the module that became a new normal to the students across the levels.

In a recent survey, the parents of the students said that they are in favor of going for the physical classes. A major number of parents who took part in the survey said that they want physical classes to be started. However, they said, the teachers and staff members in the schools should be vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus.