Recovered Covid-19 Patients Tested Positive Again

Mon Feb 24 2020 13:00:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Wuhan authorities announcing that the Covid-19 recovered patients were again tested positive upon testing has raised many questions on the impact of the deadly outrage.

The coronavirus treatment and control command center of Wuhan said that the patients who were discharged after recovering had sent for two weeks of quarantine and medical observation.

Dr. Zhao Jianping who leads the team that looks at the patients in Hubei said that even though the patients looked recovering they were tested positive in the medical examinations. He termed the situation as dangerous.

"Where do you put those patients? You cannot send them home, because they might infect others, but you cannot put them in hospital because resources are stretched," Zhao added.

"It may be that there are still viruses or viral gene fragments in the discharged patients," Dr. Cai Weiping, head of the infectious diseases department at Guangzhou No 8 Hospital said.

"It is not yet certain whether they are infectious. This is a new pathogen, and we don't yet have a perfect process to understand it," Weiping maintained.