Reinfections of Covid-19 in the current wave across teh world is very less: A survey

Wed Apr 14 2021 17:41:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The second wave of the novel Coronavirus has resulted in India reporting a steady surge in single-day infections at an alarming level. India has been witnessing record cases since April.

Amid this, European Union, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in its recent survey has found out that the percent of reinfection is very minimal. This has rubbished the reports that claimed the reinfections as the driving force of pandemic.

As per the findings of the EU CDC survey, the chances of reinfections of the novel Coronavirus in the patients are very thin. Hardly two or three people get infected out of every thousand people.

For this report, the EU CDC has examined lakhs of patients in the United States, India, Britain. These patients were examined for around four and a half months to get the exact data for the findings.

In the second and third waves of the novel Coronavirus, more than 99 percent of the infections in various nations are new cases, the survey stated.

The United States reported a reinfection rate of 0.3 percent, while India reported mere reinfection of 0.1 percent. Britain also reported a less percentage of reinfections in the current wave.

On the other hand, the survey has found that out that in every thousand people who take the Coronavirus vaccine,  only two people are testing positive for Covid-19. While the Covid-19 vaccines are showing 60 percent of effectiveness against the UK variant, vaccines have a 25 percent impact against the South African variant.

However, the experts are urging people to not take the pandemic lightly as the reinfection percent is very less. They are appealing to the public to follow the Covid-19 behavior.