Remembering NTR On His Birth Anniversary

Thu May 28 2020 11:52:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Today is the 97th birth anniversary of legendary actor, ex-Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh NT Rama Rao who is popularly known as Anna Garu. As a leader, NTR left a great mark during his ruling.

TDP sympathizers and normal people remembered Anna Garu largely when the infamous TTD row happened which also attracted the focus of National Media on this issue.

Marking the 97th birth anniversary of legendary actor and politician lets have a look at landmark decisions taken by Sr. NTR.

Tirupati holds a special place in NTR's heart which is why he decided to contest from Tirupati constituency as he is a devotee of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. He also contested from Gudiwada constituency in the elections.

He started his political journey in 1983 and with a period of nine months, he made it to the Chief Minister's chair which is still a record. His 2 rs kilo rice scheme has helped the poor class largely which is missing now.

His decision to modify the Hindu-Succession-Act benefited women to inherit default property which made him a popular CM among the woman. The prohibition of liquor was a landmark decision taken by the leader.

Mid-day meal programs introduced by NTR for the primary school children who earn less than Rs 500 per month enabled the students to have nutritious food which made NTR a mass leader.