Repairing Roads In Andhra Pradesh Is An Offence Now?

Fri Sep 30 2022 18:30:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Everyone knows how bad the road conditions are in Andhra Pradesh. At regular intervals, we hear stories about this. Earlier, Pawan Kalyan's Janasena launched an attack on the ruling party for not repairing the roads which are showing hell to the commuters. Janasena scored big marks in the protest.

The response from the ruling YSRCP on the poor road condition is that the previous government did not repair the roads. As the ruling party has been accusing the previous government of everything there is no wonder that YCP blamed TDP for the bad road condition.

Now an interesting thing happened in the state as a TDP leader who repaired roads using his money was slapped with a case. Reports say that the cops filed a case against the TDP leader for not taking permission to repair the roads.

Going by the news covered by a leading newspaper, Tadinada Babu, who is a local TDP saw that a leading road in his area was damaged and collected donations to repair the road. Around 2.5 lakh was collected as donations and the amount was spent on roads. The YSRCP leaders reportedly moved the cops and a case was registered against Tadinada Babu. The cops served him the notice.

The TDP leader did what the concerned authorities should have done. But the cops are saying that no permission was taken to repair the rads. It looks like repairing the roads is a crime now in the state.

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