Report Says Adani's Episode Didn't Impact Modi's Image!

Sun Feb 05 2023 11:58:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi showed his magic yet again. It has to be mentioned here that his government played a key role in bringing a new identity for India among the world nations. In fact, many nations have a small impression of India that it is a nation of monkey charmers and snake charmers. Narendra Modi played a big role in changing the image and creating a good image. The same Modi enjoys a good image among the world nations.

 American-based Morning Consult survey company conducted a survey on the popular leader across the world and gave rankings to these nations. Interestingly, Narendra Modi got the number one position.

The survey was conducted on heads of 22 nations. Narendra Modi's leadership got 78 percent votes in favour while 18 percent of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with his leadership.

The respondents said that the foreign policy of India is very good under Narendra Modi's leadership. The year 2022 will be key in Foreign Policy and it can be seen as a mark. When Russia waged a war on Ukraine, many nations had a doubt about whom to support. But India remained unbiased and Narendra Modi advised Putin that this is not the era of wars. The survey report became interesting as many felt that Modi's image might get impacted by the Adani episode.

The survey was conducted between January 26 to 31 on big leaders from various nations in the world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood at the top position. The Mexican President stood at the next spot. President of Big Brother United States Joe Biden is in the seventh position. Indian-origin British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is in 13th place. An interesting aspect should be mentioned here.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who is in the sixth position got more votes than the Brazilian President who is in the fifth position. The negativity around her is said to be the reason behind this. This is the same reason in the case of the Canadian President. These are the leaders who are at the top position.

These Are the Leaders With Highest Ratings:

Modi(India): 78%

Lopez Obrador(Mexico): 68%

Albanese(: 58%

Meloni: 52%

Lula da Silva: 50%

Biden: 40%

Trudeau: 40%

Sanchez: 36%

Scholz: 32%

Sunak: 30%

Macron: 29%

Yoon: 23%

Kishida: 21%