Restrictions on Social Media Ahead of the Ayodhya Verdict

Sat Nov 09 2019 10:58:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Supreme Court's verdict on the much-awaited Ayodhya dispute will be out very soon. Reportedly the Uttar Pradesh police have engaged volunteers to find out "objectionable content" on social media that has the potential to disrupt the law and order.

O.P Singh, UP director general of police(DGP) made it clear that police will inspect social media for any objectionable posts. Those who post such posts are subjected to take action, said the police.

"We are absolutely ready. Under no circumstances, will anybody be allowed to take law in their hands. Our Intelligence machinery is geared up. If needed, the National Security Act will be imposed on elements who attempt to disrupt law and order," said Singh.

If the reports are to be believed, Faizabad police have employed 16,000 volunteers to look out for objectionable content on social media. Many WhatsApp groups were also created to ease the flow of information between the volunteers.

Reportedly, all the gatherings and meetings in private and public places which could hinder the communal harmony in the country were banned. "Victory celebrations" and "mourning processions" were also banned by the district magistrate.

"No attempt should be allowed to make any insulting remarks on great personalities, deities and gods on any social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Besides, no installation of idols of any deity will take place without permission from the district administration," stated the order issued by the magistrate