Ktr Effect: Revanth Reddy Apologies To Shashi Tharoor

Fri Sep 17 2021 11:03:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politicians need to carefully watch their actions and words. One wrong step would land them in deep trouble. Telangana firebrand politician and Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee(TPCC) chief Revanth Reddy landed in a similar situation with his comments on Shashi Tharoor. His comments against a senior leader kickstarted a controversy.

Finding fault with Shashi Tharoor complementing the work done by the Telangana Government. At an event, Tharoor showered praises on Telangana IT Minister KTR and the government. However, this did not go well with Revanth Reddy. He had reportedly called Tharoor a Donkey.

This gave a chance to KTR to push Revanth Reddy into big trouble. Sharing the news article of a leading English Daily, KTR in a tweet said, this is what happens when a person who is a 3rd rate criminal leads a political party. Revanth Reddy tried to escape the issue by calling the news fake.

But KTR did not waste any time and created a situation that forced Revanth Reddy to tender his apology to Shashi Tharoor. KTR has shared an audio clip of Revanth Reddy in which he can be heard saying sorry to Tharoor. KTR said he will take the opinion of the forensic experts.

"While scumbags like @revanth_anumula need not be responded to; it's important to expose filth. Here's his audio clip/comments on Tharoor. Sent to me by a reporter. I am sure if we send it to a forensic lab, it'll match his infamous #Note4Vote voice. Any comments @RahulGandhi Ji?," KTR tweeted.

Even the Congress party leaders of other states have also demanded Revanth Reddy issue an apology. With things going against him, Revanth Reddy said he is withdrawing his comments and said he is regretting that he might have hurt the fellow Congressman with his comments.

Shashi Tharoor had also acknowledged that he had received a call from Revanth Reddy over the comments. Saying that he is accepting Revanth Reddy's regret, the senior leader said that they should work together to strengthen the party in Telangana and the country as well.

"I spoke to shri @ShashiTharoor ji to convey that I hereby withdraw the remarks and reiterate that I hold my senior colleague in the highest regard. I regret any hurt that may have been caused to him by my words. We share our faith in the values and policies of the Congress Party,” Revanth Reddy's tweet reads.

The political observers are of the opinion that KTR recorded his win against Revanth Reddy after he took over the TPCC chief post.