Revanth Reddy doubts Quid pro quo in CS Daughter's Wedding!

Fri Jan 28 2022 13:48:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Celebrations prevailed at Telangana Special Chief Secretary's residence with his daughter's marriage. The wedding ceremony was attended by a big list of guests as the parties were held at various locations including the luxury hotels. The wedding was in the news recently.

The happiness of the marriage did not last very long for the Principal secretary as the wedding became a controversial topic and the opposition parties are targeting the government and the Principal Secretary.

What made many heads turn at the much-talked-about wedding is that the ceremony had reportedly lasted for five days and the celebrations were reportedly held at costly hotels in Hyderabad and Taj Falaknuma Palace. On top of that, a company is said to have spent money on the wedding reportedly. This had caught everyone's attention.

The opposition party Congress was quick in lashing out at the government and demanding a detailed probe into the matter to check for more details. Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Revanth Reddy had sought a response on who had spent money on the wedding.

Quoting a media outlet as saying, Revanth Reddy said that, the data collected by the media outlet says that a shell company named BigWave Infra Private Limited had done the arrangements for the wedding and asked the Chief Minister's Office if it can make any comment on this.

Raising a doubt on Quid pro quo, Revanth Reddy asked who had sponsored the Telangana Special Chief Secretary Rajat Kumar's daughter. In a Twitter thread, he had raised the issue and demanded an answer from the government.

The controversy surrounding the high-cost wedding is so big that a few national media outlets have also reported the issue and carried out an investigation in connection with the matter. As part of the investigation, the outlets have reportedly found that BigWave Infra Private Limited was the sponsor of the wedding.

Quoting the media outlet as saying, Reventah Reddy had said that the members of the firm had made the arrangements for the wedding and demanded an answer on this. However, the firebrand leader did not mention the name of the media outlet that had investigated the matter.