Revanth's mind-games worry the Telangana BJP

Mon Jul 05 2021 17:12:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana PCC's new chief Revanth Reddy is showing great aggression that has not been seen in the Congress Party for a long time. At the same time, he is also showing his pragmatic side in abundance. He is showing that he is refreshingly different from other politicians when it comes to making claims.

Talking to a media channel recently, Revanth Reddy said that the Congress has not won from Huzurabad sinc 1983. He said after the TDP came to power, the constituency has passed into the hands of anti-Congress parties. He said he would make every effort to wrest the seat from the other parties and would work hard to win from Huzurabad. Thus he has given enough indications that it is very difficult to win from Huzurabad. Yet, he added that would make an effort to win and would leave no stone unturned to win the seat. Thus he is trying say that even if the Congress loses, he should not be blamed for it. So, any increase in vote share will go to his credit.

At the same time, he is saying that if the BJP wins, it should not be seen as the victory of the party. It should essentially be seen as a victory of Eatala Rajender's personal influence, charisma and support base. Thus, he is trying to say that a BJP victory should be deemed as the personal victory of the BJP.  He said if Eatala Rajender nothing except the colour of the flag changes. He said Eatala has great influence in the constituency.

He is also claiming that both the BJP and the TRS are spending close to Rs 200 crore for the Huzurabad byelections. He said the Congress will only work with the help of the cadre and sincere leaders. He has also indicated that his target is not Huzurabad, but 2023 elections. This again shows his clear idea of what to focus and what to do for his personal progress.

His comments that a victory of Eatala should not be seen as the victory of the BJP have now become a hot topic of discussion in the BJP. They are worried that Revanth's argument would gain currency and they would not be able to get the credit to the party.