'Reverse' Betting On The Rise In AP

Fri Apr 26 2019 12:32:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting betting trend is emerging in Andhra Pradesh, which has just voted. Initially, many punters have hedged their bets on one particular party. They hedged amounts big time. But, later surveys and assessments done are showing that the results could be different this time around. Internal assessments done by the parties post-poll too are different from the pre-election mood. So, most of those who have bet on one party are now putting more money on the other party. Their plan is that even if they lose some money, they would definitely end up making money from the second set of betting.

Another interesting aspect is that there are more punters from Telanganana this time. The people of Telangana are evincing keen interest in betting about the outcome of the polls in Andhra Pradesh. Interestingly, some punters are getting together and are paying huge money to pollsters who had done exit poll surveys to get information about the voting trends. They are hedging bets on the basis of the poll surveys. The betting is on state-level, constituency level and even at the city level.

One significant trend is that more youths are getting involved in betting. Earlier, it was politically inclined activists of the parties, who used to bet. But, this time, even neutral persons and college students are hedging their bets in the hope of making a quick buck.