Rise In Covid Cases Makes Things Difficult For Film Industry!

Thu Jan 06 2022 13:51:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

The way the world functions was changed at once with the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic. We were severely impacted by the pandemic and were forced to restrict our homes as a safety measure. During the two Covid waves we heard many heart-wrenching moments like people losing their work and losing their lives due to the pandemic.

Similar incidents were reported in many countries. The first wave made people fear the virus with more and more people coming in contact with the virus and breathing their last battling the virus during the two waves.

The film industry has no exemption from this. Like other fields, the entertainment industry was also severely impacted by the pandemic. The shootings were stopped and the releases were also postponed pushing the industry into deep losses.

After beating two Coronavirus waves, the film industry hoped for a ray of hope in the new year and a few big films were also scheduled to have a theatrical release.

But the situations are not in favour of films. As a result of the rise in the new Covid infections, the big-ticket films RRR, Radhe Shaym have been postponed by the makers.

Hinting that the coming days are also going to be hard for the industry, the Covid infections are increasing and more than 90,000 fresh infections were detected today across the country.

The ongoing development is not good for the industry. There are a few films that are meant to be released in theaters to enjoy the experience like RRR and Radhe Shyam.

The Pongal season which was supposed to entertain the movie lovers with the release season for the movies, became dry this season as a result of the existing situations.

No one knows when the cases will come down and the situation gets under control. Until the situation becomes favorable, the films will not be released in the theatres. This situation had raised several doubts about the future of these films.

The same is the case with almost all industries. A few states have imposed restrictions like 50 percent occupancy and curfew-like situations making the industry wait for the right time that favors the releases to come.