Road Mishap Brings Unbearable Loss to T-Congress Leader!

Mon Aug 01 2022 12:02:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a tragic turn of events, a four-wheeler carrying as many as four passengers met with a big accident during the early hours of Monday in Hyderabad. The cops were informed and they rushed to the spot. While three people sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital, one person is said to have died on the spot.

Jumped into details, one Tanya Kakade, (25) daughter of Telangana Congress leader Feroz Khan and her friends were traveling from the RGI Airport towards Hyderabad and after reaching Shamshabad the car lost control and overturned. Tanya Kakade reportedly died on the spot.

The concerned police reached the spot upon getting informed and shift the injured victims to the hospital. Seeing that Tanya Kakade is no more, the cops informed her family about the sad news and were shocked. The family members are crying uncontrollably hearing the news.

The police officials are following due procedure. The body was sent for autopsy and the reports are awaited. A case has been filed to know the exact reason behind the road mishap. The investigation is underway and further details are awaited.

As a point to be noted here, road accidents are increasing at a rapid pace in Hyderabad at the key junctions. Last month four road accidents were recorded in and around the Shamshabad area and in most of the cases, the victims passed away or sustained serious injuries.

Moreover, experts say that road accidents can be cut short if the commuters can drive the vehicles at the prescribed speed. Not following the speed limit is said to be the main reason behind the mashup in most incidents.

Though there are many reports on the reason behind the road accident involving Tanya Kakade, the cops are investigating the matter from an angle of overspeeding as the possibility cannot be ruled out. Once the investigation gets finished, we can get more info on this.

The official data says that the majority of the road accidents in Hyderabad are caused by overspeeding last year. As per the data, more than 60 percent of deaths were caused by overspeeding in road mishaps in 2021.